Yirinda (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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Just announced on the reliably excellent Australian label Chapter Music (Laura Jean, The Goon Sax), this new self-titled album from Yirinda is unlike anything else we've heard. Yirinda are a duo comprised of contrabassist and celebrated producer Samuel Pankhurst and Butchulla songman Fred Leone, hailing from the coastal Queenlsand area that incorporates K'gari island. Combining the endangered Aboriginal Butchulla language with the pair's modern musical magic, this is set to be one very special set of songs indeed. - Flying Out

Yirinda combine ancient Aboriginal language with sublime modern production. Fred Leone and Samuel Pankhurst's music invokes thousands of generations of story and culture, while emerging as something entirely new. Fred is one of three Butchulla songmen - a song and language custodian for the Butchulla people from the Fraser Coast region of Queensland, including K'gari (formerly known as Fraser Island). He sings the songs on this album in the endangered Butchulla language, now spoken by only a handful of people. Samuel is an internationally acclaimed contrabassist/producer known for his kaleidoscopic harmonies and polyrhythmic mastery. He has scored extensively for contemporary dance, recently for notable choreographer Thomas Kelly's celebrated work SILENCE.

Yirinda have performed at the Australian Art Music Awards, Vivid Festival, Golden Plains, Dark Mofo, Supersense and been covered by ABC Radio and NME Australia. Fred has toured Europe as a member of The Black Arm Band, and as a solo artist supporting and guesting with Xavier Rudd. He founded Queensland's first Aboriginal hip hop label Impossible Odds in 2009. Samuel has performed with the Brodsky String Quartet and is a member of the Australian Art Orchestra. His studio work covers everything from the Bluey TV show to Hiatus Kaiyote.


1. Yuangan (Dugong)
2. Njurunj (Emu)
3. Dhangalim (Fly)
4. Thurum Voi (Look There)
5. Nyun (Brother)
6. Guyu (Fish)
7. Galangoor Baya (Welcome)
8. Ba Gi Lam (Fighting)
9. Yunma (Sleep)

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