World of Sand

Dais Records

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Coming not long after The Cakekitchen's marvellous 'Time Flowing Backwards' (also re-issued on Dais) comes 'World of Sand'. This time head man Graeme Jeffries worked with his live band and if the album doesn't quite have the magical charm of  'Time....' it has more variation and a slightly harsher sound palette. That's not to say that Jeffries low-voiced prettiness isn't in evidence. Fans of Flying Nun records need to grab these much sought after releases.  
1  Ordeal By Water
2 World Of Sand
3 Walking On The Glass
4 Don't Be Fooled By The Label
5 Tomorrow Came Today
6 This Perfect Day
7 Dogs And Cats
8 Mc Carthy
9 Isle Of Pittsburg
10 Crimson To Gunmetal