Cousin (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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For a band this prolific and consistent-yet-evolving, it's a wild fact that Wilco haven't worked with an outside producer since 2001's game-changing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. What a treat, then, to have the one-and-only Cate Le Bon at the controls for new album Cousin! The album was announced concurrently with the release of single Evicted, which finds Tweedy & Co in their usual fine melodic form, with Le Bon's magic meddling providing that extra... je ne sais croix. Exciting! - Flying Out

Wilco Cousin. More than just the band's 13th studio album, it's a new member of the family.

Recorded in the band’s legendary Chicago studio—The Loft—over a period of two years, the ten new tracks are written by band leader Jeff Tweedy, and feature musical performances by the long time lineup of Nels Cline, Mikael Jorgensen, Glenn Kotche, John Stirratt, Pat Sansone and, of course, Tweedy on lead vocals.

After a short detour back into their country-influenced roots via last year’s Cruel Country double album, Cousin sees Wilco back in their more familiar progressive and experimental rock territory. Adding a unique and new element to the recording process is the attachment of Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon as producer—the first time an outsider has been actively involved in a Wilco recording session for more than twenty years, since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Le Bon brings her unique musical perspective to the band’s trademark sound, and provided them with an inspiring new challenge to push their musical boundaries.

  1. Infinite Surprise
  2. Ten Dead
  3. Levee
  4. Evicted
  5. Sunlight Ends
  6. A Bowl and a Pudding
  7. Cousin
  8. Pittsburgh
  9. Soldier Child
  10. Meant to Be

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