No Mountains In Manhattan

2LP Vinyl

No Mountains In Manhattan features Ghostface Killah, Lakutis, ACAB, Slicky Boy, Your Old Droog and more. Production credits include Ratking's Sporting Life, Tony Seltzer, Kaytranada, Earl Sweatshirt and Wiki himself.

The album is a journey through the trials and tribulations of a coming to age experience in New York's most populated borough. Entirely crafted in XL's New York City studio, the album is New York to the core - featuring local emcees, from legend to novice.

While Wiki's 2015 mixtape, Lil Me, was a snapshot into the youthful energy of an artist on the brink of adulthood, No Mountains In Manhattan finds the now 23-year-old artist facing his demons head on as he tackles topics such as addiction, relationships, identity and responsibility.

No Mountains In Manhattan
is an introspective narrative of Wiki's life over the past year - a narrative that all young adults can relate to - a journey of peaks and valleys, of loss and gain, with a conclusion of understanding.


1. Islander
2. Mayor
3. Pretty Bull
4. Made For This ft. Ghostface Killah
5. Chinatown Swing
6. Litt 15 ft. Your Old Droog
7. Face It
8. Stick Ball
9. Elaine
10. Pandora's Box ft. Evy Jane
11. Wiki New Written
12. Jalo
13. Nutcrackers ft. Lakutis
14. Baby Girl
15. NMIM ft. ACAB, Slicky Boy
16. Leppy Coqui