Wickedness Increased

Vinyl LP

Originally released only on CD 25 years ago, Unitone HiFi’s debut album Wickedness Increased has been fully re-edited, remastered, and in the case of the title track re-produced from scratch, for this strictly limited vinyl issue.

Recorded between studios and corridors in New York City and Auckland the album’s foundation is in old school dubwise techniques and live mixdowns. Along the way it absorbs and reinterprets the zeitgeist busting heights of golden age NYC boom bap and peak period dancehall emanating out of studios like Penthouse and Digital B in Jamaica, as well as the fringes of futuristic electronic music from Detroit to London and Europe and all points inbetween.

Supported by a broad range of delirious dub deviants from John Peel and Coldcut through to Nick Manasseh and Mr Scruff, Wickedness Increased spawned a remix companion Rewound & Rerubbed which included versions from compadres including Rockers HiFi, Funki Porcini, Muslim Gauze et al.

Currently engaging in a rare bout of collaborative activity live and in the studio Unitone HiFi (Joost ‘Dutchieman’ Langeveld, Angus ‘Mo Delay’ McNaughton and Stinky Jim Pinckney) have recently completed mind-melting sets at Laneway 2018 & Ruapuke Roots Festival.

They will be issuing new material later in the year to follow December 2017’s digital release One Spirit. There will be no re-press, 300 copies worldwide, snooze & lose.