Emotional Molecules

Vinyl LP (Blue Coloured Vinyl)



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We Will Ride Fast are overjoyed to share the release of their third studio album, the 8- track Emotional Molecules, a caustic and yet somehow cleansing body of work from multi-media artist Kyle Sattler (Frayden, Seedy Burners, The Bennies), accompanied by a limited edition 180 gram solid blue vinyl, presented in a bespoke screen-printed cardboard outer.

This authentic slice of Kiwi DIY was created in its entirety by Kyle as part of a wider research project exploring the contemporary domestic vinyl scene specific to alternative and underground music genres.

Exploding with bass-driven alt-pop, Tauranga’s We Will Ride Fast delve into a genre that is weirdly unsettling and comforting in equal parts, with a sound that in the words of Kylehowls red fumes somewhere on a reservoir of gnarled and desperate snakes”.

Emotional Molecules is a blend of eclectic art rock sensibilities and a critically aware rebuttal of our postmodern humanist foreboding somehow lost amongst the ancient symbolism of the serpent and the teachings of the medicine man” - Kyle Sattler

  1. Juggling Versions Of Primal Soup
  2. More Dead Than Alive
  3. Submerge The Earth
  4. Can You Even Feel It
  5. Abolish
  6. The Real Kids
  7. Understanding
  8. Bring Back My Bass