We Are Not The First

We Are Not The First features the interstellar ensemble of Marshall Allen, Daniel Carter, Greg Fox, Shelley Hirsch, Shahzad Ismaily, Elliott Levin, Rafael Sanchez, and Ben Vida directed in deep dialogue through humans' hidden sound history by Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being. Hieroglyphic Being & the J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Bul demonstrate that vitality lives in its collectivity and a sonic-consciousness exists somewhere in the primordial ooze.


1. Apes & Ages 
2. Civilization That Is Dying
3. Cybernetics Is An Old Science 
4. Brain Damage
5. Three Days More 
6. Fuck The Ghetto / Think About Outer Space 
7. Universe Is A Simulation 
8. Pussy Thumper 
9. Cimetière des Innocents 
10. Root Of 
11. We Are Not the First