Flight of Ideas


Warm Digits are Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. On new album Flight of Ideas, Warm Digits make a call to arms: when we all think our ideas are right, what are the costs of never believing you could be wrong? Looking back to the history of psychology to find out what happens when ideas outlive their sell-by date, with their vocal guests they set up a blistering musical exchange between fluorescent agit-funk, primary-coloured synth-bounce and fizzing sheets of guitar noise. The thunderous motorik space-disco duo with a pounding post-punk pulse, Warm Digits burst into technicolour with Flight Of Ideas, an album that effortlessly captures the kaleidoscopic abandon of their rapturously-received live shows while moving into increasingly accessible and tuneful territory. The LP features vocal contributions from Maximo Park’s Paul Smith, The Lovely Eggs, The Orielles, Rozi Plain and the Delgado’s Emma Pollock.


1. Frames and Cages 
2. Feel The Panic (feat the Lovely Eggs) 
3. The View From Nowhere (feat Emma Pollock) 
4. I'm OK, You're OK 
5. Fools Tomorrow (feat Paul Smith) 
6. Replication 
7. Shake The Wheels Off (feat The Orielles) 
8. Everyone Nervous (feat Rozi Plain) 
9. False Positive 
10. Flight of Ideas 

RIYL: W.H. Lung, Field Music, Islet