WANDA JACKSON - Rockin' With Wanda – Flying Out
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Rockin' With Wanda

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Equal parts straight rockabilly, hilarious late 1950's camp, honky tonk, and country music, Wanda Jackson's "Rockin' With Wanda", originally released on Capitol in 1960, helped her to establish her title, 'the Queen Of Rockabilly'. But Wanda's massive influence on defining the exact nature of early rock and roll music went far beyond her genre and her 'heyday' during the '50s & '60s. For pure energy and rebelliousness, it compares favorably with the best of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. On stage, Wanda wore tight silk dresses, red lipstick, and high heels. She wanted to add glamour and sex appeal to her image, and, man, did she ever! The female equivalent of Presley's leather suits and pelvic thrusting, she was the first woman to bring sex appeal to the rock and roll stage. In fact, she was so sexy, she wasn't allowed on stage at the Grand Ol' Opry until she covered her shoulders. If ever Elvis had a female counterpart, it'd be Wanda (she briefly dated Presley in 1955, so there you go). 'Fujiyama Mama,''Mean, Mean Man,' 'Don'a Wan'a' are just a few of the classic tunes contained in this reissue of Wanda's absolute masterpiece.


  1.  Rock Your Baby
  2.  Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
  3.  Fujiyama Mama
  4.  Baby Loves Him
  5.  You're the One for Me
  6.  Mean Mean Man
  7.  Did You Miss Me
  8. You've Turned to a Stranger
  9.  Cool Love
  10. Don'a Wan'a
  11. Honey Bop
  12. I Gotta Know
  13. Funnel of Love 
  14. Riot in Cell Block #9 
  15. (Let's Have a) Party 
  16. Slippin' and Slidin'