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Cory Hanson and the Wand boyz are breaking their band's five year drought and doing us all a favour by releasing a new album at last! Vertigo is set to arrive via the always trusty Drag City this July, with the announcement coming alongside the launch of the record's first single Smile. The follow-up to 2019's fabulous Laughing Matter is said to be the result of over fifty hours of improvisation and jamming together, boiling down the brilliance to an eight-song perfection. Wave that magic, Wand! - Flying Out

Sliding between the bodies in the street, cutting across the contrails that bisect our sky, Wand find melody and the anxiety beats as they hum the soundtrack for a new gravitational center. Seeking connections against the plan of niche interest and anonymity, Vertigo is the sound of slippage, rocks of contradiction (in soft focus); feet lost, regained, lost again, a multi-chromatic swaying, more automatic, associative, directed, in time.


1. Hangman
2. Curtain Call
3. Mistletoe
4. JJ
5. Smile
6. Lifeboat
7. High Time
8. Seaweed Head

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