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The second single off of Wallows third LP Model is the one that really sets the tone for what to expect off the upcoming album, Calling After Me has the tone and feel that requires all windows down while listening. Each member of the group shows off their talent on this one whether it be Dylan’s smooth vocal, Braeden’s groove on the guitar, or Cole setting the tone on the drums.

The song talks about someone wanting someone, even though maybe they shouldn’t. And even though they may not be ready for it, and even though they may have other options, they are going to call after that special someone.

Fans seem to be obsessing over this one already, as comments online beg for it to be out. By only teasing the beginning audio, the Wallows community can tell that this song is a big one.

The boys began teasing this audio by also announcing their upcoming world tour. Between their first single over a month ago, Calling After Me coming soon, and an upcoming album and tour, Wallows fans can’t seem to get enough.


1. Your Apartment
2. Anytime, Always
3. Calling After Me
4. Bad Dream
5. A Warning
6. I Wouldn’t Mind
7. You (Show Me Where My Days Went)
8. Canada
9. Don’t You Think It’s Strange
10. She’s an Actress
11. Going Under
12. Only Ecstasy

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