The Blessed Ghost

Vinyl LP (Blue)

New Zealand Rock outfit Voodoo Bloo have just dropped their sophomore album The Blessed Ghost. The eclectic 12-track album sees the band further develop their sound, merging the post-punk sensibilities from their debut album Jacobus with Indie and Alt-Rock to create a unique offering that centres around themes of self-discovery, love interests and confronting your own demons all via a fictional character represented throughout the album acting as a vice for the band’s own personal experiences.


1 The Blessed Ghost (Younger then)
2 Pursuit
3 We're here, love is somewhere else
4 Rhubarb and Custard Default
5 Default
6 Skin
7 For Asterisk (Still WIP, don't listen yet)
8 Tomorrow person
9 Ritalin
10 Small
11 The Blessed Ghost (Older now)
12 Continuous Stimulus