Volume II

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A pilgrim. Arthur is. Unshackled and adventurous. Between the stretch before the sea. Like soft flames at a fire place, licking at the mind’s eye, he softly leads you into a lull and begins an opening call to journey. Lead by a sitar and shaker, the backyard opens to a psychedelic sabbatical, to exotic lands beyond the meridian line. Your body twitches as the electric organ pulses, waking you with no worry, the mountains move with no memory of the days gone. There is an echo of a harmonica in the distance and as Arthur’s pilgrim, you glimpse gems of loves duality. As each guitar string sounds a note of a particular place where we all seem to go but no one requests a photo. Returning from an Ahbez sojourn, the air is chilled with a string of fresh insight, the muscles ache but the blood is glistening with solitude.

  1. The Painters Portrait (Part 1)
  2. The Painters Portrait (Part 2)
  3. The Painters Portrait (Part 3)
  4. The Painters Portrait (Part 4)
  5. The Painters Portrait (Part 3)
  6. The Painters Portrait (Part 4)
  7. Across The Glass
  8. Free As The Wind
  9. Once Again
  10. Walking In The Rain