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 A lot of the songs that formed the soundtrack to NZ’s musical history and filled our Top 20 charts during the 60s and 70s were cover versions of obscure overseas written and per­formed tracks. All of the songs on this CD will be familiar to everyone as they were all big hits in the hands of our local heroes, producers, arrangers and A&R men. But a quick look at the artists, in most cases will mostly draw blank stares.


  1. THE SENATORS - Shes A Mod
  2. RAY RIVERA - Do The Blue Beat
  3. ARTHUR ALEXANDER - Where Have You Been aka Till We Kissed
  4. THE CHANGIN TIMES - How Is The Air Up There
  5. BENNY SPELLMAN - I Feel Good
  6. LYDIA PENSE with The New Invaders - Ill Forgive You And Forget You
  7. WALTER JACKSON - Opportunity
  8. THE DEL SATINS - Love, Hate, Revenge
  9. JOHN MAYALL & The BLUESBREAKERS - On Top Of The World
  10. THE CREATION - Painter Man
  11. JOHN MAYALL & The BLUESBREAKERS - Sitting In The Rain
  12. BOBBY HANNA - Thanks To You
  13. MORGANA KING - I Have Loved Me A Man
  14. SAMANTHA JONES - Dont Come Any Closer
  15. THE BALLROOM - Spinning Spinning Spinning
  16. TERRY KNIGHT - Saint Paul
  17. DAVID McWILLIAMS - The Days Of Pearly Spencer
  18. APHRODITES CHILD - Rain & Tears
  20. THE ONYX - My Son John
  21. THE IDES OF MARCH - Aire Of Good Feeling
  22. DUNN & McCASHEN - Alright In The City
  23. SHIRLEY & JOHNNY - One Man Band
  24. VAL & THE VS - I Miss You Baby
  25. THE MONTANAS - Lets Get A Little Sentimental
  26. BEN THOMAS - The Nearest Thing To Heaven
  27. FRIENDLY PERSUATION (Gary Glitter) - Make A Wish Amanda
  28. THE FUN & GAMES - The Grooviest Girl In The World
  29. JAMES ROYAL - Carolina