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Entering the first room, percs bounce with heady vocal chops in Eyra's dancefloor energizer, 'Rucula'. Endless Mow follows you to the second room with 'Articulated Nose'. Looking upon you from high above, ether-bound voices assure that an ascension awaits, but pulsating rhythms glue you to the floor. Sequentia's 'Resonant Tuning' inflicts an uncompromising rhythm section in the third room – the sparsity of its programming heightening its impact. At its apex, what's left of your trance is shattered by megalithic subs and broken patterns. Current Bias commands a club-workout as you enter the fourth room with 'Transient Bubble'. Energetic drum breaks intensify movement from a platform of restrained kicks and introspective synth-work. Elevating through laced's 'Starclip', rhythmic perfection pushes the fifth room into dancefloor territory – relaxed drum programming and melty synths pave your way there. Finally, GG Mothra motions you outside with 'Ladei' where voices play soothingly and earthy percussion illuminates your path home.


  1. EYRA - Rucula
  2. Endless Mow - Articulated Nose
  3. Sequentia - Resonant Tuning
  4. Current Bias - Transient Bubble
  5. laced - Starclip
  6. GG Mothra - Ladei


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