Uneasy Clubbing


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It's not easy clubbing. We're living through an age of uncertainty, our scene threatened by a context we have no control over. In Aotearoa, we've been in and out of lockdown over the last two years, shared experiences on the dancefloor increasingly limited and rare. Yet our scene has always faced challenges and found solutions. Tō tātou rōpū auaha  are passionate, proud, and inventive. Our community continues to grow, and Uneasy Clubbing is symbolic of visionary music makers developing new features and forms in a world that is so, so strange.


  1. BJ Leo - Exit Fig
  2. Jerry Watts - Dead Routes
  3. arc X - krankenhaus eight (argonauts)
  4. Nice Girl - untitled22
  5. eszsa - A Walk in the Forest
  6. Eden Burns - Club Stuff 2
  7. Alice Agnes - dirigible
  8. Ludus - Suldo Limit
  9. Mokotron - Streetlights
  10. Uber Driver - Run It! 
  11. AndWahn & Nuance - Clear Blue 

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