Tomorrow's Fashions - Library Electronica 1972-1987 (Vinyl 2LP)

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Any time a new compilation is announced that comes with the tagline "Compiled by Bob Stanley", we put our pencils down and start paying attention. Tomorrow's Fashions - Library Electronica 1972-1987, which was indeed compiled by the Saint Etienne founder and compilation guru, draws from the deep digital well of 70s and 80s synthesizer library music. From jingles to TV themes, ambient dreamscapes to wobbly weirdo grooves, these tunes were created by those that saw what pioneers like Isao Tomita and Jean-Michel Jarre were up to and decided, "Hey, we could make some money off this!". We're so glad they did, because this impressive collection, lovingly curated by our man Bob, is another must-have, must-hear set. - Flying Out

Nothing said new or modern or futuristic quite like a synthesiser in the 70s and 80s. If you were shooting an advert and you wanted your product or your company to appear forward-thinking and ahead of the game, then you would want something electronic, something out of the ordinary. When TV producers and advertising directors started searching for music that sounded like “Tubular Bells” – and then Tomita, and later Jean Michel Jarre – music libraries such De Wolfe, Bruton, Parry and Chappell had to have the tracks readily available.

Compiled by Bob Stanley,Tomorrow’s Fashions” varies from advertising jingles and TV themes to space exploration and gorgeous, beatless ambience. Though it’s 40-to-50 years old there’s a real freshness to this music. Older jazz players Brian Bennett, John Cameron, Alan Hawkshaw and others seized the chance to operate a synth; younger pups including John Saunders and Monica Beale were simply intrigued by the new technology being wheeled into the studios. There’s a tangible sense of adventure.


  1. Coaster - Simon Park
  2. Rippling Reeds - Wozo
  3. Leaving - Sam Spence
  4. Northern Lights 1 - John Cameron
  5. Spaghetti Junction - Peter Reno
  6. Space Walk - Rubba
  7. Prospect - Paul Hart
  8. Tomorrow’s Fashions - Geoff Bastow
  9. Blue Movies - Brian Wade
  10. Videodisc - Trevor Bastow
  11. Interface - Astral Sounds
  12. Starways - Brian Chatton
  13. Optics - Unit 9
  14. Atomic Station - Wozo
  15. Future Prospect - Adrian Baker
  16. Planned Production - Warren Bennett
  17. Future Perspectives - Anthony Hobson AKA Tektron
  18. Waterfall - Chameleon
  19. Telecom - James Asher
  20. Eagle - Simon Park AKA Soul City Orchestra
  21. Astral Plain - Alan Hawkshaw
  22. Drifting in Time - Paul Williams
  23. Earth Born - Brian Bennett
  24. Soft Waves - Harry Forbes
  25. Topaz - Astral Sounds
  26. Eternity - Alan Hawkshaw
  27. Infinity - John Cameron
  28. Morning Dew - Andy Grossart & Paul Williams

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