The Stars Of Doré: Los Angeles' Soul Group Sound

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Continuing our featured US labels series of EPs, we come to the Los Angeles enigma that was Doré – they went from comedy to pop to rock and eventually to some amazingly good soul. This Stars Of EP features four vocal groups whose singles enriched the imprint.

The Superbs were the label’s biggest act, having a Hot 100 hit with Baby Baby All The Time. Their series of mid-60s harmony singles on Doré is regarded as one of the most consistently accomplished of all the melodic soul groups. Their treatment of Toni Fisher’s 1959 smash The Big Hurt drips with Gold Star musicianship, expertly arranged by Gene Page. The Superbs’ manager, Art Sibrie, composed You Really Never Know Till It’s Over for girl group The Vel-Vetts and it is another harmony masterpiece.

Little Johnny Hamilton & The Creators’ Oh How I Love You is a dynamic stomper of a record, loved on Northern Soul dancefloors across the scene. Bobby Swayne, of the original Superbs, continued their good work with the uptempo Nothing Lasts Forever as The Natural Resources in 1969 on the Dee Dee subsidiary.

We present four gems in a beautiful display case.


Side A
1. The Superbs - The Big Hurt
2. The Vel-vetts - You Really Never Know Till It's Over

Side B
1. Little Johnny Hamilton & The Creators - Oh How I Love You
2. The Natural Resources - Nothing Lasts Forever