Rocksteady Fever

Vinyl LP

Rocksteady Fever hit Jamaica around 1966 when the jerky Ska rhythms slowed down to a more leisurely, sexy pace. This period would see some of the power escape from then big three producers - Clemet ‘Coxone’ Dodd, Prince Buster and Duke Reid, who ruled the airwaves. They had to finally make room for the new wave of up and coming producers who had something to say.

Such names as Joel Gibson (Joe Gibbs), Sonia Pottiger, Derrick Harriot and the most prolific of them all, Mr Bunny Lee, would unleash some fine music in this fascinating, if short lived, period in Reggae's history. Kingston Sounds have compiled some of the biggest hits from the Rocksteady era alongside some lesser known cuts that deserve to be re-evaluated.

Track List:
A1. Murderous Horns Dub
A2. Wreaking Horns Dub
A3. Natty Congo Dub
A4. Tribulation Horn Dub
A5. Everbody Needs Dub
A6. Ambitious Dub
B1. Finding Dub
B2. Catching Horns Dub
B3. Springtime In Dub
B4. Sacrificial Dub
B5. Wicked Flute Dub
B6. A Smiling Dub