Not Given Lightly: A Tribute To Giant Golden Book Of New Zealand's Alternative Music Scene

Vinyl 3LP

Morr Music has its sights set on New Zealand, and specifically their rich tradition of alternative rock music. It might not be as well known as it should be, but with bands like The Clean, The Bats, The Chills and The Tall Dwarfs (among many others), for the few in the know New Zealand was just as important to indie rock as Brooklyn is now. So Thomas Morr in his infinite wisdom has sought to exploit this area of interest and set his artists up with a task - to cover their favourite songs from the sprawling New Zealand scene. 


  1. Lali Puna– I Like Rain 
  2. People Press Play– Kaleidoscope World 
  3. Tarwater– Death and the Maiden 
  4. It’s a Musical– All My Hollowness to You 
  5. B. Fleischmann– Not Given Lightly 
  6. The Go Find– Pink Frost 
  7. Guther– Glide 
  8. The Wooden Birds– Afternoon in Bed 
  9. Butcher the Bar– Bee to Honey 
  10. Sin Fang Bous*– I Think I’d Thought I’d Nothing Else to Think About 
  11. Borko– Up in the Sky 
  12. Masha Qrella– Pink Frost 
  13. Saroos– Prisoner of a Single Passion 
  14. American Analog Set*– Anything Could Happen 
  15. Bobby & Blumm*– On an Unknown Beach 
  16. Contriva– Light 
  17. Isan– Harmonic Deluxe 
  18. Electric President– You Forget 
  19. Benni Hemm Hemm– Stoffelse 
  20. Radical Face– Wandering 
  21. Guther– New Science 
  22. Sin Fang Bous*– Nothings
  23. Seabear– Singing Arc 
  24. Butcher the Bar– Snakes 
  25. Surf City– Kudos 
  26. Electric President– White Noise
  27. It’s a Musical– In Case of Harmony
  28. Seafault*– Cornfields
  29. Populous– Zodiac
  30. Saroos– Dubstar
  31. Tarwater– Captain
  32. Isan– Happy Chord Whore
  33. Bobby & Blumm* – Take a Sip
  34. B. Fleischmann – Aldebaran Waltz