New Horizons: A Bristol Jazz Sound

Worm Discs


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Bristolian promoters Worm Disco Club have been championing South-Western talent since their inception in 2014. Having collaborated with Glastonbury Festival on their notorious ‘Wormhole’ stage and hosted the likes of The Comet Is Coming, The Heliocentrics and The Mauskovic Dance Band at their regular club night, the name has become synonymous with quality groove laden goodness, percussive madness, jazz, psych and beyond.

Now proudly presenting their label Worm Discs, the collective recruit some of Bristol’s most notable emerging talent for an exploration into the new wave of Jazz emanating from the city. As Andrew Hayes, (Run Logan Run) explains : “Bristol has always had its own sound, but there’s been a new crop of young players come through over the past five years that’s revitalised the scene and expanded its expectations about what jazz music means.”

Featuring the likes of Waldo’s Gift, Run Logan Run (Montreux Jazz Talent Award winners), BaDaBoom, Lyrebird and Alun Elliot, ‘New Horizons’ channels the seismic energy of the sonically rich landscape into 12 progressive, psychedelic, impeccably crafted tracks.

From the cinematic, post-rock infused intensity of Waldo’s Gift’s Bergson to the zen-like, floating melodies of Ishamel Ensemble’s rework of Snazzback’s Flump and the angular textures of Run Logan Run’s epic A Sea Of Apathy And Indifference - this record is true odyssey from start to finish, for those who really want take a trip down the Wormhole.


  1. Waldo's Gift - Bergson 
  2. Run Logan Run - 3.3 Encke Ups 
  3. Waldo's Gift - Jabba 
  4. Snazzback, Ishmael Ensemble - Flump (Ishmael Ensemble rework) 
  5. Snazzback, China Bowls - Grook 
  6. BaDaBooM! - Virtual Sex (Interlude) 
  7. Snazzback, China Bowls - Yum Yum 
  8. Run Logan Run - A Sea of Apathy and Indifference 
  9. Lyrebird - Owl (Interlude)
  10. Waldo's Gift ft Lyrebird - I'm Not Buying 
  11. Alun Elliott-Williams - Bourdain (Interlude)