My Bonie Bell

Zelle Records


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The new Robbie Burns comp finally has a name, My Bonie Bell, after the bard’s 1791 poem of the same title. The album’s title song, My Bonie Bell, is a new track by Robert Scott who already contributed a song to Ae Fond Kiss, our first Burns comp.


  1. The Sharma Brothers– Her Daddie Forbade
  2.  Bridget Telfer– Afton Water
  3.  Bill Direen– Oh 88!
  4. Quibbok– The Fall Of The Leaf
  5.  Strang's Strings & Co– Ae Fond Kiss
  6. Lachie Hayes– O That I Had Ne’er Been Married
  7.  Robert Scott– My Bonie Bell
  8.  The Tarseals– Coming Through The Rye
  9.  Mike Puke– The Charming Month of May
  10.  Darryl Baser– Banks of the Bonnie Doon
  11. Roy Moller– The Fall Of The Leaf
  12.  Partial Fancies– Ae Fond Kiss
  13. David Mitchell– Death At C
  14.  Jay Clarkson– Farewell To the Highlands