Latin Freestyle - New York/ Miami 1983 - 1992 (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP



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Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley may quite possibly have the finest taste in music that we've ever encountered. With oodles of compilations under his belt, ranging from lesser known French pop to good times hip-hop, depressed English glam to lost disco gems, by now we're just snapping up whatever he's offering. Latin Freestyle is described as being "the electronically constructed bridge between disco and house". Covering off the phenomenal run Freestyle had from the early 80s to the early 90s revival it enjoyed, this may be a niche collection, but it's a niche we're more than happy to indulge in. -  Flying Out

Latin Freestyle was a dizzying, passionate, ultra-modern music. It was the aural equivalent of a can of thirst-quenching Quatro or a Spanish Harlem dance-off, and it became the electronically constructed bridge between disco and house.

Freestyle grew out of the electro sound of the early 80s, combined clean staccato rhythms with morse code synth hooks, and topped them off with emotive, usually female, frequently Latina vocals. There was plenty more going on besides: proto-house piano lines, Cuban percussion, high emotion and synth hooks to die for.

Put together and annotated by Bob Stanley (who also compiled the acclaimed “The Daisy Age” and “Fell From The Sun”), “Latin Freestyle is the first compilation to cover the whole gamut of Freestyle from its early 80s breakthrough to its early 90s revival. So many classics… Lisa Lisa made the UK top ten with the 808 joy of ‘I Wonder If I Take You Home’. Stacey Q’s cosmically great ‘Two Of Hearts’ came out in 1986, while 1987 saw the likes of Company B’s ‘Fascinated’ and Exposé’s ‘Point Of No Return’ become huge UK club hits.

Today, Freestyle is a scene with a solid collector’s market, and rarities like Janelle’s ‘Don’t Be Shy’ sell for hundreds of dollars. It’s a classic summer soundtrack, finally condensed in one Ace Records compilation – “Latin Freestyle”.


01 Point of No Return (7’’ Version) - Expose
02 Don’t Be Shy (Vocal/Radio Mix) - Janelle
03 Lover Girl - Meg
04 Two of Hearts (12’’ Version) - Stacey Q
05 Together Forever (Radio Edit) - Lisette Melendez
06 I Wonder if I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force
07 When I Hear Music - Debbie Deb
08 Let’s Go (Radio Version) - Nocera
09 Funky Little Beat - Connie
10 Show Me - Cover Girls
11 Nightime - Pretty Poison
12 Fascinated (12’’ Version) - Company B
13 Dreamin’ - Will to Power
14 Baby Talk - Alisha
15 Take Me in Your Arms - Lil Suzy
16 Thief of Heart - Cynthia