Juno (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) (Reissue)


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Juno is a coming-of-age narrative which centres on whip-smart Juno (Ellen Page, in a breakthrough role), a teenage girl faced with an unplanned pregnancy from an afternoon with the charmingly unassuming Bleeker (Michael Cera). Juno finds her unborn baby the perfect set of parents in Mark and Vanessa Loring (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner), an affluent suburban couple who are eager to adopt. Along with the total support of her parents, (Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons) Juno conquers her problems head-on, displaying a youthful exuberance that is both smart and unexpected.This soundtrack mixes classic rock favourites with indie-rock gems including The Moldy Peaches' "Anyone Else But You", Kimya Dawson's "So Nice So Smart" and the Mott The Hoople classic "All the Young Dudes". Also featured is a version of "Anyone Else But You" performed by the stars of the film, Michael Cera and Ellen Page.- First time on vinyl since initial 2007 pressing.


  1.  All I Want Is You (Barry Louis Polisar)
  2. My Rollercoaster (Kimya Dawson - film version)
  3. A Well Respected Man (The Kinks)
  4. Dearest (Buddy Holly)
  5. Up the Spout (Mateo Messina)
  6. Tire Swing (Kimya Dawson)
  7. Piazza, New York Catcher (Belle & Sebastian)
  8. Loose Lips (Kimya Dawson)
  9. Superstar (Sonic Youth)
  10. Sleep (Instrumental) (Kimya Dawson)
  11. Expectations (Belle & Sebastian) 
  12. All the Young Dudes (Mott the Hoople)
  13. So Nice So Smart (Kimya Dawson)
  14. Sea of Love (Cat Power) 
  15. Tree Hugger (Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants) 
  16. I'm Sticking With You (Velvet Underground)
  17. Anyone Else But You (The Moldy Peaches) 
  18. Vampire (Antsy Pants)
  19. Anyone Else But You (Michael Cera and Ellen Page)