I Saw The TV Glow (OST) (Vinyl 2LP, Violet)

Vinyl 2LP (Violet)

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Original Soundtrack for A24’s I SAW THE TV GLOW, featuring 16 original songs by an all-star ensemble, including Caroline Polachek, Florist and Jay Som. Also featuring a vinyl-only exclusive bonus track, “Tonight Tonight” by Snail Mail


  1. Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl (Yeule)
  2. Another Season (Frances Quinlan)
  3. Starburned and Unkissed (Caroline Polachek )
  4. Riding Around in the Dark (Florist)
  5. Big Glow (Bartees Strange)
  6. Taper (Maria BC)
  7. Psychic Wound (King Woman)
  8. if I Could (Jay Som)
  9. Green (L’Rain)
  10. Moonlight (The Weather Station)
  11. Photograph (Drab Majesty)
  12. the 90s (Proper)
  13. How Can I Get Out? (Sadurn)
  14. Bury (King Woman)
  15. Claw Machine (Sloppy Jane Feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
  16. Tonight Tonight (Snail Mail) *Bonus Track

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