Hydeout Productions: First Collection

Vinyl 2LP

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An independent label ‘’Hydeout Productions’’ releases the best compilation album for the first time.

Including from Nujabes’s fresh and passionate works only found in his early works to more emotional and metaphorical works which became the basis of his later success.


  1. Nujabes / Moon Strut (Intro)
  2. Funky DL / Don't Even Try It
  3. Apani B-Fly Emcee / Strive
  4. Substantial / Home Sweet Home
  5. Nujabes / Still Talking to You
  6. Shing02 / Luv (Sic)
  7. Nujabes / Steadfast
  8. Substantial & L Universe / Lyrical Terrorists
  9. L Universe / Lose My Religion -Remix-
  10. Pase Rock / It's About Time -Fat Jon Remix-
  11. Five Deez / Plazma Avenue -Remix-
  12. Cise Tarr / D.T.F.N
  13. Funky DL / People Don't Stray
  14. Shing02 / Luv (Sic) PT2

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