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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, colloquially known as the U.P., is home to the highest concentration of Finns outside of Europe, with Finnish Americans forming 16% of the population. For many lucky enough to call themselves locals, the Finnish influence on the Yooper identity is ever-present.

While the U.P. and Finland have numerous ties that bind them, they share one clear commonality: the summers are absolutely perfect, a welcome reward after long, frigid winters. Höystö is both a celebration of summer and the bonds that Michiganders and Finns share musically and culturally - namely, a spirit of DIY and rugged individualism, genuine support within their artistic communities, and a playful persistence that permeates everything they do.

My goal was to bridge the cultures by showcasing talented people from the community I grew up in and juxtaposing Michigan artists with similar sounds from the Finnish music scene. It felt more like a thesis than a compilation - a way to prove there's a shared spirit, a creative kinship, something similar in the water. Thankfully, the songs blended seamlessly, creating a ragout of care-free tunes from friends I cherish, musicians I admire, and artists I haven't met but can tell are pretty great.


  1. Plastic Tones - Don't Forget
  2. The Curfews - Rose 
  3. Guggenheim-Projektz - Naapurin poika 
  4. Ninni Forever Band - Tää ääni 
  5. Mustat Kalsarit - Rakkautta 
  6. Beatrix - Pumpkin 
  7. Joni Ekman - Yöllä 
  8. Dan Daniels - Going to the Ocean
  9. Jukka Nousiainen - Mielestä kaikki turha nyt pois
  10. Hulda Huima - Jalat laahaa 
  11. Windmill Music - Love Arrives in Falling Leaves 
  12. Terminal Orchestra - Fiver's Plan
  13. Litku Klemetti - Sinä tiedät sen
  14. Wonderhorse - West Coast Fog
  15. Fungusmuscle - The Tickle Toad
  16. Joel Parkkila - Sad Enough for Two
  17. Itä-Hollola Installaatio - Thurston Moore 
  18. The God Eaters - It Takes a Village 
  19. Olimpia Splendid - Kalle kämmenellä 
  20. Ostos - Rannalle (Jengi Hei)
  21. Sumuposauttaja - Entä nyt?