Ghostly Swim 3


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Ghostly International has now pushed beyond two decades of genre-agnostic operation and ten years since its first collaboration with [adult swim]. A roster-clashing 2009 compilation — featuring the likes of Matthew Dear, Tycho, Dabrye, and School of Seven BellsGhostly Swim encapsulated the label’s founding spirit of playful darkness and irreverence. The follow-up, released in 2015, Ghostly Swim 2 isolated its focus, inviting quiet introspections from Heathered Pearls, AceMo, Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler and more. To cap its 20th year in 2019 and suggest a characteristically wayward path forward, Ghostly reconnects for a third round with the Cartoon Network nighttime institution, a bastion of free thought and independent creation.

Under the collective mindset that the only way out is through, Ghostly Swim 3 revels in the reliable catharsis that movement can afford. Dynamic, freeform body music as kinetic therapy, as entertainment, as a triumph courtesy of up-and-comers and established talents affiliated with techno, electro, breaks, and the uptempo unclassified et cetera.Fans will recognize a range of rising stars outside of Ghostly’s roster, outlining several corners of the underground dance community; Black Noi$e (Portage Garage Sounds, Vanity Press), Yak (R&S, Orson), LNS (Wania, 1080p), DJ Python (Incienso, Dekmantel), lock and jitter across the comp alongside Ghostly and Spectral Sound label mainstays like Ouri, Todd Osborn (here as Superstructure), and Tadd Mullunix under his X-Altera alias. 14 tracks in total, this is a choose-your-own-adventure showcase befitting [adult swim]’s bold programming mission.


01. Bogdan Raczynski - ggowwksstane
02. Black Noi$e - Potatoe Salad
03. Yak - Take Flight
04. Bullion - Rhino
05. Aquarian - Redux (GAD Mix)
06. LNS - Kabeljau
08. Gábor Lázár - Fractured
09. Alec Ness - Meal (feat. Dizzy Fae)
10. DJ Python - Chalet
11. DJ Clea - Mind Body
12. Superstructure - onesix-four
13. Human Resources - Steady On
14. X-Altera - Ikat