Bulawayo Blue Yodel

Vinyl LP

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A collection of beautiful Country-Western inspired music from 1950s Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya. Fingerpicking "omasiganda" troubadours, train car yodels, raw slide guitar, and haunting travel-weary ballads, all reissued for the first time from rare 78s. A heavy duty document of a nearly lost scene, and all the songs are all stunners to boot. Featuring George Sibanda, Josaya Hadebe, Sabelo Mathe, Petrus Mntambo and more, with a 12" booklet of deep research and full lyrics, packaged in old school tip-on covers. Co-released by our friends Olvido Records (A. Kostis, The White Birds, George Mukabi). Audio restoration and transfers by Michael Kieffer.


  1. George Sibanda - Gjima Mfana 
  2. Josaya Hadebe - Wazibamba EmaRabini 
  3. Sabelo Mathe - Hambanini 
  4. Sammy Ngaku - Mbari Ya Ndia Ruru 
  5. George Sibanda - Ekhaya 
  6. Michael Majozi - Sengihambile 
  7. Petrus Mntambo - Nangalena 
  8. Petrus Mntambo - Yagegetheka 
  9. Josaya Hadebe - Gwabi Gwabi Intombi Yami 
  10. Sammy Ngaku - Rosana 
  11. Matthew Jeffries - Iwe Kusidio
  12. Petrus Mntambo - Where You Been My Lovie? 
  13. Josaya Hadebe - Bumnandi 
  14. Clarkson Sithole - Vabereki

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