Wish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)


“There is no greater power in the universe than someone with a true wish in their heart.” Music from the Disney Animation Studios’ feature film Wish. Featuring the voice talent of Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine and more. With original songs by Grammy®-nominated singer/songwriter Julia Michaels and Grammy-winning producer/songwriter/musician Benjamin Rice, plus score by composer Dave Metzger.


1. Welcome To Rosas (Ariana DeBose/Wish Cast)
2. At All Cost (Chris Pine/Ariana DeBose)
3. This Wish (Ariana DeBose)
4. I'm A Star (Wish Cast)
5. This Is The Thanks I Get?! (Chris Pine)
6. Knowing What I Know Now (Ariana DeBose/Angelique Cabral/Wish Cast)
7. This Wish (Reprise) (Ariana DeBose/Wish Cast)
8. A Wish Worth Making (Julia Michaels)
9. This Wish (Instrumental) (Julia Michaels/Benjamin Rice)
10. I'm A Star (Instrumental) (Julia Michaels/Benjamin Rice)
11. This Is The Thanks I Get?! (Instrumental) (Julia Michaels/Benjamin Rice) 
12. A Wish Worth Making (Instrumental) (Julia Michaels/Benjamin Rice)