Reach (Limited Red Vinyl LP)

Limited Red Vinyl LP

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A post-modern mixtape of 12 micro-genres created by The Numero Group. Bending the rules of the compilation with a selection of songs bound by their soaring spirit and adventurous approach, Reach is inspirational living for algorithmic times. Available as a limited edition LP with broadsheet liner notes poster or much cheaper compact cassette. The only LP guaranteed to save your life during humanity’s apocalyptic demise.


1. Lenny White - Enchanted Pool Suite: Prelude & Part 1
2. Masumi Hara - To Live In The Sea
3. Alex Johnson - The Kiss
4. LaRhonda LeGette - Thou Art With Me
5. Ascending Wave - Modulation Del Sol
6. A.R.T. Wilson - Past Life Regression
7. John D. Curnow - Wisconsin Bird Songs
8. Calvin Keys - Touch
9. Suse Millemann - Open Heart-Hawk Belly
10. Batang Frisco - Myth
11. Bob Siebert - Rain
12. Reach - Gold Dust Twin

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