Low Key Source Vol.1 - Mixed by Dylan C (CD)


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Low Key Source drops their first mix CD. Featuring music out of its extensive catalogue of releases, including artists from across the globe & expertly mixed by New Zealand DJ Dylan C, programme director for Base FM. Since the inception of Low Key Source in late 2016 the label has released forward thinking Hip Hop & Soul music with a heavy focus on production.

Included in this mix are tracks from The Roots newest member Stro Elliot, Australia’s Coin Banks and Charlie Bucket, New Zealand’s Ladi6, Haz Beats and Crime Heat, the UK’s Jehst and Children Of Zeus alongside producers like the UK’s Eric Lau and Detroit’s Tall Black Guy Productions. Also included is the exclusive remix of Raiza Biza’s Strong Woman Remix featuring REMI.

Dylan C is an Auckland-based DJ, Programme Director for Base FM and co-host of the Base FM Breakfast Show. A strong supporter of local music, his DJ sets often feature local MCs and beatmakers alongside the best the rest of the world has to offer.

He is one of a rare breed of DJ’s that can move between musical styles with ease – from classic Hip Hop to Deep House, Reggae to Drum & Bass, always reading the room to gauge the crowd while retaining his signature style.


1. Crime Heat - Clear 
2. Papertoy - Knock
3. Ladi6 - Guru 
4. Children Of Zeus - I Want You 
5. Raiza Biza - Get By (Feat. Bianca Paulus) 
6. Haz Beats - 55 To Shoreditch 
7. Mohi - Jupiter Holidays 
8. Stro Elliot - Mistaken & Hurt 
9. Foisey - Gihmemore 
10. PlaneFace - Duke Flukem 
11. Charlie Bucket - Over (Feat. Boog Brown) 
12. Tall Black Guy - Things Deeper Than My Skin (Feat. Ozay Moore) 
13. Jehst - Smoke Screen (Feat. Ennio Lion & Mr. Thing) 
14. Scud One & T-White - Meditation 
15. Coin Banks - Problems (Feat. Atom & Ezra James) 
16. Seige Monstracity - Swahililand 
17. Eric Lau - Harps In Space 
18. Tall Black Guy - Rocking From Beginning To End (Feat. Kenny Keys) 
19. Stro Elliot - Soul II Stro 
20. Raiza Biza - Strong Woman Remix (Feat. REMI)
21. PlaneFace - Disappearances 
22. Foisey - Latch 
23. Wowflower - Huey
24. Children Of Zeus - Crown
25. Crime Heat - Mood Swing 

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