Eccentric Soul: Minibus (Pink Vinyl 2LP)

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Pink Vinyl 2LP



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This double LP from the folks at Numero distils down the rather epic 2012 Eccentric Soul: Omnibus collection of 45 x 45s, which featured 88 stonking discoveries from 1966 to 1980, collating 25 of the best-of-the-best for your listening pleasure. Whether it's funk, soul, group harmonies, disco, or something a little more modern but still entirely soulful, Numero have you covered. Get on board the Eccentric Soul: Minibus! - Flying Out

A double album boil down of Numero's 2012 45 x 45RPM art object Eccentric Soul: Omnibus. Gathering 25 loose remnants from across the American soul diaspora, Minibus connects the dots between group harmony, funk, disco, and modern soul, 1966-1980.


1. Rokk - Patience
2. Crystal's Image - A Friend
3. The Procedures - Give Me One More Chance
4. The Prophets of Peace - The Max
5. Sky's The Limit - Don't Be Afraid
6. The Trinikas - Remember Me
7. Duralcha - Ghet-To Funk
8. The 13th Amendment - The Stretch
9. Tickled Pink - Reach Out (And Give Me Your Hand)
10. Hifidelics - Hifidelics Groove
11. Black Fur - Feel The Shock
12. Flack And Company - Disco-TNT
13. Elements of Peace - Together - Pt. ll
14. Morning After - Hey Girl
15. The Energettics - Rainy Days and Mondays
16. Family Connection - This Time
17. Inbassador - Everyday
18. Soul Walkers - I'm Tired Of What People Say Or Do
19. The Curtis Liggins Indications - What It Is?
20. Majjestees - Let Her Go
21. Two Plus Two - I'm Sure
22. Walter & the Admeration's - Man Oh Man (What Have I Done)
23. Clifton White - The Grade A
24. The Free Mind - Just Jammin' *
25. The Intentions - Dig It (Shovel)


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