AWAY 10 Years (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

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AWAY 10 Years features 10 tracks from a family-and-friends lineup of influential powerhouses like Moodymann, Move D, Axel Boman, Lady Starlight, Mark Broom, Inland, and well-known talents Discrete Circuit, Eluize, AWAY Soundsystem, and Attila & Blivv

Co-founded by DJ and producer Discrete Circuit in 2012, AWAY was born in Berlin out of a purist desire to establish a party for timeless house and techno music. In the early days, AWAY moved from multiple in- and outdoor venues to showcases across Europe to ultimately finding a stable home base at the About Blank club in 2015. Quickly they earned a reputation as a must-attend event series without losing its underground credibility. The AWAY crew did not shy away from booking many veterans and legends of the genre, some of whom are now on the compilation AWAY 10 Years.


1. Moodymann - No
2. Eluize - Prowl
3. Move D - The Garden
4. Axel Boman - Lucky Luke
5. AWAY Soundsystem - Shifting Scenes
6. Lady Starlight - Ghzelian
7. Inland - Minerals
8. Mark Broom - Ain't No Thang
9. Discrete Circuit - Tenterhooks
10. Attila & Blivv - Unveiling

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