And Now A Word From Our Sponsor - The History of New Zealand Radio & TV Advertising (1949-2018)


And Now A Word From Our Sponsor is a unique, fun filled snapshot of New Zealand’s social history as told through the sounds and voices of our radio and tv advertising industry from it’s early inception till the present day and featuring many of our biggest stars, song writers & producers including Billy T James, Rob Guest, John Hanlon, The Hamilton Country Bluegrass Band, Jenny Morris, Fiona McDondald, John Rowles, Tim Finn, The Warratahs, Annie Crumber, Hogsnort Rupert, Beaver, Larry's Rebels, Allison Durbin, Larry Killip, Tina Cross, Ray Woolf, and many more! 

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor is made up of 130 jingles across 99 tracks. The tracks are grouped together in relevant chapters e.g fashion, tea and coffee, takeaways, supermarkets, transport etc. Although many of our older jingles have been lost over the decades this compilation has been compiled mostly from the original master tapes.