Up on Gravity Hill (Vinyl LP, Clear & Red)

Vinyl LP (Clear & Red)



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This scorcher of a new album from METZ finds the Canadian trio all grown up and embracing melody and beauty more than they ever have before. Joining the team for the ride here are Owen Pallett, whose strings have graced many of our favourite albums over the years, and Amber Webber of Black Mountain lending her stunning voice to the album closer. Fear not, the energy on Up On Gravity Hill is still dialled all the way up, and the noise will still make your ears bleed, but they'll be bleeding as you smile, dance, and reflect on the weird joys of life. - Flying Out

With time, we come to understand the way the joy of connection is mirrored by the void of loss, how the constancy of love is matched only by the impermanence of life, the simple idea that we could not create light if we did not risk the dark—we’d never need to.

So it is with METZ, a band once known for blowing out eardrums with songs of joyous rage who have, over their past few records, begun exploring ways to turn abrasiveness into atmospherics, the evolution of their sound not only a reflection of the maturing of the band themselves but also of a changed world that demands nuance and compassion to comprehend and to survive.

  1. No Reservation / Love Comes Crashing
  2. Glass Eye
  3. Entwined (Street Light Buzz) 
  4. 99 03:19 
  5. Superior Mirage
  6. Wound Tight
  7. Never Still Again
  8. Light Your Way Home