Challenge For A Civilized Society (2021 Reissue)

Vinyl LP

Unwound's paranoid and pulsating sixth album, Challenge For a Civilized Society explores the pre-Y2K technological dread of modern punk living. Producer Steve Fisk threads Justin Trosper's stabbing, discordant guitar in and around Sara Lund's consolidated drum attack and Vern Rumsey's relentless, throbbing bass. A vicious and sinister penultimate LP from the '90s most misunderstood band.


Side A
1. Data
2. Laugh Track
3. Meet The Plastics
4. The World Is Flat
5. Sonata For Loudspeakers

Side B
1. No Tech!
2. Side Effects Of Being Tired
3. Lifetime Achievement Award
4. What Went Wrong
5. Untitled