All Billionaires Are Bastards

Vinyl LP

Aotearoa punks Unsanitary Napkin's new album All Billionaires Are Bastards is a powerful and deeply outraged twelve song collection from the explosive trio. Commenting directly on a range of urgent political issues and public figures (both reprehensible and inspiring) - Undertheradar


All billionaires are parasitic fucking life-suckers. Whether they’re calling SWAT teams on whistle-blowers, busting unions, keeping their factories open and laying off staff during a global pandemic whilst increasing their wealth by $1 trillion, promoting conspiracy theories and unproven COVID treatments, sending transphobic has-beens to space, or building ​​underground death-trap tunnels for commuters. And the more wealth these vampiric shitlords accrue, the closer they get to fulfilling their oligarchic fantasies.

In Aotearoa, we too have groups, organisations, individuals and politicians who would like to see such violence enacted here. There is simply no other choice for cis people but to stand alongside our queer and transgender communities, and to oppose transphobia every time you see it. Showing up in solidarity with your trans whānau is not a question, but a necessity.

There’s plenty of other ground covered across the album: the unending bloodbath that is the meat industry; police violence; the weaponisation of the rhetoric around “freedom” by the alt-right and how it is used by people in power to silence marginalised groups; anxiety around increasing surveillance and data collection measures… the world feels fucked in so many ways, but hopefully this album can help us find solidarity in resistance as we fight for a better world.

With love,
Unsanitary Napkin


1. TERF War 
2. All Billionaires Are Bastards 
3. Dildo Baggins 
4. Peter Thiel (Literal Fucking Vampire)
5. Speak Up For Women, You Don't Speak For Me 
6. Love Hungry Punx 
7. Carnage 
8. Big Freedom 
9. ACAB 
10. Commodore Keating (Who Sees You Excreting) 
11. Inert 
12. Do They Owe Us A Living?