Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back (Sacred Bones 15th Anniversary Reissue) (Pre-Order)

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Vinyl LP (Silver)



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On the heels of their monolithic collaborative LP Mental Wounds Not Healing, the collaboration between industrial-noise post-everything bands Uniform & The Body returns with a second entry, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back. Comprised of an amalgam of abrasive influence that spans Swans-y dirge and purge, Whitehouse’s clenched-jaw noise, middle-period Ministry’s penchant for metallic post-industrial everything, New Order’s nose for melodic emotionality, and Juicy J-inspired beats, Uniform & The Body’s approach delves deeper down the rabbit hole than before, igniting a sonic world of terror and bliss poised to grip the throats of fans yet again. Prepare for a record that the band self-describes as "the middle ground between Robyn and Corrupted, but weirder.


  1. Gallows In Heaven
  2. Not Good Enough
  3. Vacancy
  4. Patron Saint Of Regret
  5. Penance
  6. All This Bleeding
  7. Day Of Atonement
  8. Waiting For The End Of The World
  9. Contempt