Chaleur Humaine (Reissue)

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UMAN’s Chaleur Humaine, the debut album from the French duo of musicians and siblings Danielle and Didier Jean, resurfaces for the first time since its original release in 1992. While history, both private and public, is scattered with creative relationships between siblings that simply “did not work,” UMAN’s story is uniquely different and defined by this bond, and a shared journey impressing footprints along an adventurous musical terrain.

Prior to Chaleur Humaine, Danielle and Didier recorded two albums of pop songs met mostly with ambivalence, inspiring them to escape the expectations of the French music industry and build their own studio in Orsay, a suburb south of Paris. Chaleur Humaine was a modus operandi for their new, liberated perspective and space: freedom to develop ideas independently; to cross-pollinate genres and abandon them altogether; to improvise and experiment in new musical configurations.

  1. Человечность
  2. UMAN Spirit
  3. Aubade
  4. Human Warmth
  5. Entrelacs
  6. Mémoire Vive
  7. Chaleur Humaine
  8. Cordes Sensibles
  9. Maelström
  10. البشري الحرارة
  11. Atmosphère
  12. Calor Humano
  13. Human
  14. Hơi ấm của nhân loại
  15. Lalala
  16. Menselijke Warmte
  17. Ménestrel
  18. אנושית אש
  19. Déambulation