TY SEGALL - Hello, Hi – Flying Out
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Hello, Hi

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STAFF PICK "The guitars are pulled back from 11 since Harmonizer, Hello Hi reminds me of airy songs from Sleeper and Self Titled" Brent

Tossing down straight acoustic shots with electric guitar back, Ty Segall rides through the valley of thee ol' Canyon legends, seeking an isolated place beneath the open sky to loose his herd of wild nerves Alone at last, naturally? Nope - there's a rider on the horizon, cross-hairs trained on his very own heart. Tremulating in fear and loathing upon the precipice of everyday, so that we don't think we don't have to, Ty guides ten songs of love through internal crevasses and past darkened cavities, as harmony vocals swarm above the treacherous, yet reverberant arroyos. Whatever doesn't get killed is getting stronger all the time. It's light rock made heavy through thought and intention, Hello, Hi is a lean, mean deal, baked in saltwater and sunlight, compassion pouring forth from beautiful blue eyes.



1. Good Morning
2. Cement
3. Over
4. Hello, Hi
5. Blue
6. Looking at You
7. Don't Lie
8. Saturday, Pt. 1
9. Saturday, Pt. 2
10. Distraction