Two Tons O' Fun (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)


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Martha Wash and Izora Armistead were originally backing singers for the legendary disco diva Sylvester. They soon became known as Two Tons O’ Fun and were signed to the Fantasy Honey label who issued their eponymous debut LP in 1980. Tracks like Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven, Just Us and Do You Wanna Boogie Hunh? were club disco hits helping to ensure the album sold strongly in dance circles.

Amazingly, Two Tons O’ Fun has not been repressed since it first hit the streets back in 1980. Thus, Ace are delighted to serve up two Tons O' Fun on two sides of vinyl which not only feature those classic tracks but also I Got The Feeling, Make Someone Feel Happy Today, One-Sided Love Affair and Taking Away Your Space.

As you might know, after one more Two Tons album, they became the Weather Girls scoring the international hit It’s Raining Men.  But the raining started here!


1. Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh? 
2. Just Us
3. I Got The Feeling 
4. Gone Away 
5. Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven 
6. Make Someone Feel Happy Today 
7. Taking Away Your Space 
8. One-Sided Love Affair 

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