Lookout Low

Vinyl LP

Twin Peaks has one defining ethos and it’s to keep pushing. They’ve embraced change ever since their 2010 formation as high school friends making scrappy basement rock ‘n’ roll to now cementing their status as one of Chicago’s most essential bands.

Where their last LP, 2016’s Down In Heaven, and 2017’s Sweet ‘17
Singles compilation were adventurous and compelling updates on their youthfully raucous formula, their fourth album feels like a total revolution. Their most deliberate and seamless record yet, the album is a collaborative triumph, propelled forward by Twin Peak’s near-decade-long bond.


  1. Casey's Groove 
  2. Laid In Gold 
  3. Better Than Stoned 
  4. Unfamiliar Sun
  5. Dance Through It 
  6. Lookout Low 
  7. Ferry Song 
  8. Under A Smile
  9. Oh Mama 
  10. Sunken II