Return to Cookie Mountain (Reissue) (Limited Orange Vinyl LP)

Limited Orange Vinyl LP

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On their 2006 album, Return To Cookie Mountain, the Brooklyn-based post-punk group TV on the Radio manages that rare feat of becoming more adventurous and accessible at the same time. While this record isn't a major departure from its eclectic predecessor (the lauded Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes), it is notably more cohesive, and even boasts a guest appearance by David Bowie, who slinks into backing vocals on the R&B-tinged Province. By combining unpolished loops and stuttering beats with shoegazing guitar textures, the ensemble creates an utterly unique sound, particularly when the deep, expressive voice of Tunde Adebimpe and the falsetto singing of Kyp Malone fall into harmony, as on the hypnotic I Was a Lover.


1. I Was A Lover
2. Hours
3. Province
4. Playhouses
5. Wolf Like Me
6. Method
7. Let The Devil In
8. Dirtywhirl
9. Blues From Down Here
10. Tonight
11. Wash The Day

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