Tully (Reissue)

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First ever reissue of 1970 debut album by famed Sydney prog-psych giants Tully. Formed in late 1968, by early '69 Tully had become easily the most hyped band in Australia, feverishly acclaimed for their towering rock dynamics and extended flights of jazz-inspired improvisation. At first they were a kind of idiosyncratic cover band, playing 25 minute versions of Beatles hits (their unreleased version of Yesterday is included here as a bonus track), or their own take on Albert Ayler's free jazz classic The Bells. But they soon expanded into their own material, and were adopted as the ultimate consciousness-expanding experience in late 60s Australia. Excitable Go-Set journalist Adrian Rawlins called them "the greatest musicians in the western world." Their debut album is one of Australia's most forward-thinking and ambitious of the era.


  1. You Realize You Realize
  2. La Nave Bleu
  3. Do You Ever Think Of Nothing 
  4. The Sun Is Shining
  5. Love's White Dove 
  6. The Paradise Of Perfect Silence
  7. Sleepy Head Red
  8. Phsssst 
  9. Love 
  10. Lace Space
  11. You Are the World
  12. Just About Time
  13. Waltz To Understanding
  14. Yesterday