Where The Gloom Becomes Sound



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Tribulation; The Swedish Grammy Award-winning quartet toiled for the better part of two years in various innominate undercrofts and ritualized hollows to nail down Where the Gloom Becomes Sound. They emerged with an exhilarating spell of an album. Numinous yet kindred to the gothified castings of Down Below (2018) and its predecessor Children of the Night (2015), Tribulation's fifth full-length indisputably elevates the Swedes to the highest echelons. The source of their glinting darkness: a yawning, bottomless rift deep within.  Where the Gloom Becomes Sound was primarily composed by guitarist Jonathan Hultén, who was also writing for and celebrating the release of his solo album, Chants from Another Place. The well of his Tribulation inspiration ran deep. From singer-songwriter Roky Erickson and vintage Morbid Angel to the NWOBHM and Swedish folk music, Hultén found bewitchment in his own personal belfry, extrapolating on the tenets of death, resurrection, and whatever resides between. Indeed, the primal pulse and shimmering dissonance to "Elementals," the ingenious and diabolical swash of "Hour of the Wolf," and the princely necromancy of "Leviathans" are but several of Hultén's advances on Tribulation's prior malisons. To further his offering to the Other and that which lies Beyond, the song-master designed a variety of sonic enhancements, like those heard on "Leviathans," "Funeral Pyre," "Dirge of a Dying Soul," and "Hour of the Wolf." The promaja our elders had always warned us about, but we delighted in regardless, is imbued throughout Where the Gloom Becomes Sound.


  1.  In Remembrance 
  2.  Hour of the Wolf 
  3.  Leviathans 
  4.  Dirge of a Dying Soul
  5. Lethe 
  6.  Daughter of the Djinn 
  7. Elementals 
  8. Inanna 
  9.  Funeral Pyre
  10.  The Wilderness 
  11. The Dhampir, Pt. I