Is This Anything?

Arch Hill

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Rangioras finest, the Transistors, are releasing their second album Is This Anything? The album will be released in New Zealand on Arch Hill Recordings onAugust the 2nd 2013.

Is This Anything? was recorded in the Canterbury music hotbed of Sefton, where the band camped out for a week in a cottage on a farm to track the album. The mighty Bob Frisbee manned the recording controls, and overdubs were added later at his studio in Auckland. The band have conveniently provided a Sefton recording plan to highlight the high tech approach to capturing their buzzy sound.

For those new to the band, the Transistors are a three piece power pop outfit made up of James Harding on guitar and vocals, Colin Roxburgh on bass and vocals, and Olly Crawford-Ellis on drums and vocals. They met on the first day of high school and picked up instruments soon after.

In 2012 the Transistors toured the USA, playing 27 shows in 30 days and traveling 12,000 miles across 33 states. This was with Guitar Wolf. Known for their party antics, Guitar Wolf also offered the Transistors a tour of their home country of Japan. But this was only on the condition that the Transistors "must harden liver first". Transistors have also traveled extensively in their homeland, playing and touring with the likes of Buzzcocks, Black Lips, Jeff the Brotherhood, The Datsuns, The Dirtbombs, Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, Mint Chicks, Pierced Arrows, BRMC, Foo Fighters, St Jeromes Laneway Festival and more.


Artist: Transistors
Title: Is This Anything?
Label: Arch Hill Recordings
Cat #: FN053
Year: 2013 . Re-Issued 2013
Format: LP, CD, Digital

Track List

  1. Method Actor
  2. Nervous Heart
  3. Abandoned
  4. Professional
  5. Ex-Communicator
  6. Your Life Could Be So Easy
  7. Look at Me Now
  8. Knee Jerk Jerk
  9. Thru With Complaining
  10. Stuck in the Mud
  11. Im Your Brat, Im The Rat
  12. Bright & Early
  13. This Is Not An Exit
  14. Dirty Diver


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