Soft Burning Silver


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Transistor's brand new 'Soft Burning Silver' EP is the follow up to the band's debut self-titled release, taking the lighter psychedelic moments from the abrasive first EP, and placing them at the forefront, resulting in a more complete and immersive set of songs.

Over the course of 2017, these 5 songs turned from rough sketches, into fully fleshed out self-recorded pieces, with great detail being brought to the songwriting and quality of the recordings.

Lead single 'All You Remember' introduces the new EP with a laid back and dreamy, yet pulsing rhythm (being influenced by the jangling guitar work of early Primal Scream and The Byrds), where as the second track, 'The Brain' brings back the loud distorted riffs of the debut EP, adding a more developed sense of songwriting, inspired by the likes of R. Stevie Moore and Bowie. 'Painted Game' continues along this vein, but drops further down the noisy rabbit hole, taking a few unorthodox twists along the way. The cinematic psychedelic dream of 'Endlessly' drives forward until title track, 'Soft Burning Silver', unsettlingly calms and brings the tracklist to a close.