Down Time

Totally Mild are a four-piece based in Melbourne, Australia. Fronted by Elizabeth Mitchell, a woman with an exciting tendency to sing in a falsetto not many can match, the band perform absolutely perfect, skewed, disjointed pop music that sounds as though it was handed down from the heavens.

Zachary Schneider (Full Ugly, The Great Outdoors) follows close behind on lead guitar, his lines interlocking with Mitchells to form a structural frame. This is matched by Lehmann Smith (Kes Band) and Ashley Bundangs rhythm section, an enigma in itself. The playing is sparse, accentuation perfect. The end result has got us wetting our pants.

Out on Bedroom Suck Records, Down Timeis Totally Milds full-length debut, and is sure to rock the metaphorical boat of Australian (and the world) music. This is one weve been excited about since first listen, and couldnt press more strongly upon you. Close your eyes and listen to those harmonies! Oh bliss! Oh ecstasy! Oh joy!

Artist: Totally Mild
Title: Down Time
Cat #: BSR059
Label: Bedroom Suck Records
Formats: LP, CD
Year: 2015

Track List:
A1 Christa
A2 When I'm Tired
A3 Go Home
A4 Move On
A5 Nights
B1 The Next Day
B2 Work It Out
B3 Battleship
B4 Always Around
B5 Money Or Fame