Got To Be Tough

Vinyl LP

Legendary Jamaican artist Frederick “Toots” Hibberts returns with his first studio release in more than a decade. Got To Be Tough is an energizing provocation that renews the near six-decade career of the man who launched a new sound and genre with his 1968 release, Do The Reggay.

Got To Be Tough is a reminder that through Toots’ creative veins run all the roots and shoots of the Black Diaspora. Blues, soul, r’n’b, funk, jazz, reggae, African griots – Toots honors, embodies and owns them. Throwing down an authoritative guide: how to survive and thrive among our earth challenges.

Track List:

  1. Drop Off Head
  2. Just Brutal
  3. Got to Be Tough
  4. Freedom Train
  5. Warning Warning
  6. Good Thing That You Call
  7. Stand Accused
  8. Three Little Birds (feat. Ziggy Marley)
  9. Having a Party
  10. Struggle